Working papers

When is Competition Price-increasing? The Impact of Expected Competition on Prices revision requested, RAND Journal of Economics

Consumer Choice and the Cost of Inflation (with A. Bajaj)


Efficiency in Search and Matching Models: A Generalized Hosios Condition (with B. Julien) Journal of Economic Theory 193, April 2021 PDF file

Unemployment and the Labor Share (with Petr Sedlacek) Journal of Monetary Economics, 94, pp 41-59, 2018 PDF file

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    A Theory of Production, Matching, and Distribution Journal of Economic Theory, 172, pp 376-409, 2017 PDF file

    Efficiency of Job Creation in a Search and Matching Model with Labor Force Participation (with B. Julien) Economics Letters 150, pp 149-151, 2017

    Illegal Migration and Policy Enforcement (with Yves Zenou) Economics Letters, 148, pp 83-86, 2016

    Directed Search, Unemployment, and Public Policy (with B. Julien, J. Kennes, and I. King) Canadian Journal of Economics, 42 (3), pp 956-983, 2009

    Work in progress

    How to Build a Production Function

    R&D Allocation and Aggregate Productivity

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